Live Event Film

These films add value by increasing the reach and lifespan of your event. They show those who didn’t come, what they missed, and serve as a recap for others. They can also be used to promote the next one, by attracting vendors and delegates.

Training Film

Training films need to inform, excite and empower the viewer. They need to be extremely entertaining, inventive and put together in such a way that the viewer feels inspired to act.

Described in the press as ‘… a clarion call to hand tool users everywhere…’ this DVD series succeeded in attracting a new young male demographic, to what was once perceived in America, to be an old mans’ hobby.

Promo Film

Client: BBC

Present who you are and what you do in a glossy, slick and exciting short film.

Here, we see a day in the life, of a busy broadcasting house in Wales.

Docu/Promo Film

Client: Fibrespeed

Combine two styles, documentary and promo, to deliver your message in a believable and exciting way.

Here, the concept was to go Global with your Business, and Rural with your Lifestyle…all thanks to a High Speed Internet Connection.

Brand Film

Client: Philip Morris Inc.

Re- enforce your brand.

These type of films re-enforce a brands alignment with a popular theme, an important cause or a special event, like a sale or contest.

We produce all our films on time, on budget and on message.